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Mushroom cultivation is a highly sustainable agricultural method. For example white button mushrooms grow in large halls filled with modern technology on natural fertile soil without chemical supplements and containing only organic substances (i.e. straw, horse dung, chicken manure and gypsum).

Our product line includes white and brown button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms, shiitake und seasonal forest mushrooms like chanterelles and king boletes.

Brown Button Mushroom

Brown Button Mushroom

The brown button mushroom is similar to the white button mushroom in form and size. The only differences are in the colour and the somewhat nuttier taste.



Oyster MushroomOyster Mushroom

The oyster mushroom got its name because it looks like an oyster shell – wide and fanlike. The cap can be of many different colours, from greyish to pink and yellow. The taste can be characterised as tender and somewhat meaty.





The chanterelle is distinguished by its yellow-gold colour and funnel-shaped cap. Its taste is peppery and slightly spicy; it has a pleasant aroma.




These mushrooms are either light or dark brown and recognisable due to their flat caps and aromatic smell. These mushrooms once grew on trees in Japan but now they can also be cultivated in Europe.



Kinig Bolete

King Bolete

King Bolete mushrooms are mycorrhizal fungi, which means that they go into a partnership with a tree . They grow in the wild under pines , oaks , pines, and are not to breed , making them a treasure. At the same time they are a highly prized culinary delicacy with their fine flavor and firm flesh.


White Button MushroomWhite Button Mushroom

The white button mushroom is classified according to its size. The size depends on growth and varies from 2 to 5 cm. The smallest is the immature white button mushroom with a closed cap of solid structure. The typical market mushroom is of medium size. If the white button mushroom is given enough time and space its cap will be even larger than 5 cm – the giant white button mushroom!

We also offer oyster mushrooms and white button mushrooms in BIO quality!

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