Producers & Suppliers

Constant high quality through long-term partnershipsWihte Button Mushrooms

In order to always maintain the same high quality and security of our mushrooms we rely on business relationships with our mushroom producers that are based on mutual trust and have lasted many years.

Our producers have all been certified according to Global GAP and fulfil rigorous requirements. The quality of the ground for wild collection and the breeding substrates are regularly tested by accredited certification authorities.  Strict hygiene requirements and a constant chain of refrigeration ensure freshness and quality.


Mushrooms are picked daily by hand and cooled to 2-4° C immediately after harvesting. This step is decisive in order to maintain the freshness and quality of the mushrooms. Then the cooled goods are packaged using the most modern machines. The prompt delivery in refrigerated vehicle within48 hours brings our customers fresh mushrooms for their businesses every day of the year.

Global GAP is an internationally recognised standard for good agricultural praxis

IFS (International Featured Standard) defines the requirements for a quality management system

► HACCP und ISO 9001 are specific norms for food safety