About Us

HistoryKatharina, Helmut und Sylvia Wohlrab

Since 1985 we have been a Bavarian family company active in the mushroom business.  We earned our first spores with  our own successful business raising mushrooms so that we gained professional knowledge about growing mushrooms. For many years now the focus of the business has been on  trading mushrooms in grand style.
For food retailers we offer a wide selection of cultivated and forest mushrooms in the best quality.


Satisfied customers come again.
Renowned food store chains are among our satisfied regular customers and receive daily fresh deliveries from us.
So that it stays that way you can trust what drives us:

  • -Fair price/quality relationship
  • -Consistent high quality of the mushrooms
  • -Diversified product palette
  • -Confections according to customer request
  • -Rigorous compliance with all legal requirements for food sales
  • -Always reliable in keeping to scheduled delivery times
  • -Transparent order processing

We also respect economic, ecological and social values out of conviction.  To protect nature we use solar energy from photovoltaic installations on our roofs and use 100% natural power. Our vehicle fleet meets the EURO-5 norm.



We are proud of our ability to count on employees who have been with us for many years – in the office and administration, in our stockroom and transportation – and always give their best. All of us know that in the food business the careful handling of products is essential and that no compromises are allowed in quality or performance.

Our success is also supported by the respect all our employees have for nature and the valuable products that come from it.  Many have taken up the offer to raise mushrooms or grow vegetables themselves on the company grounds.